Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snorg Tees

I admit it, I'm a total attention hog. Whenever I want to get noticed I make sure that I'm wearing one of my SnorgTees.

Have you seen this site? It's so cool ! I love it.

One of the SnorgTees that gets me tons of attention is the one that says: Textually Active.

For a college student like me who is always wired into her iPod, her Razr cell phone, and her laptop, I am constantly Textually Active.

And I don't mind flirting once in a while, either! :)

I love this SnorgTee because when I wear it guys always want to chat with me!

Admittedly, they're thinking about something else besides gadgets.....more along the lines of "Text this, baby!" But I don't mind!

Hey, I went to a Catholic high school -- all girls and nuns and total boredom. So give me a break!